SEE FOOD.    ha ha very funny.  

What kind of bakery are you?
Our reply:
Old-fashioned, organic, healthy, indulgent, REAL food baked just like grandma did.”
”Hurry up and open already.
— Pretty much everyone
Open soon!
— Folks who walk by
When will you open?”
Our reply:
”Fingers crossed, this May!
— Hamilton Heights Passerby
You better serve good coffee.
— The guy who walks by every morning at about 8
You going to cook your food here?
Our reply:
Yes. Right here in our kitchen.
— Someone who walked in
We are a neighborhood bakery+coffee bar dedicated to serving the healthiest, tastiest, best stuff in town in a casual, cozy hang out place with wifi. We hope you like it here.
— Hamilton's Bakery